French 4K channel will transcode with Ateme

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Neal Romanek
January 6th 2016 at 10:00AM : By Neal Romanek

MCS will use pure software solutions, including Ateme's Titan File

Ateme has been selected by independent French sports network MCS TV (ALTICE Group) for its new 4K-UHD channel. Initially, the UHD channel will be launched in France on cable and optical fibre networks before being exported abroad in the coming months. The agreement will see the deployment of Ateme's Titan technology for transcoding 4K content in HEVC and transmission of live events..  

Ateme is a high density software compression solution, designed for Cable, DTH, and OTT which aims to provide high quality video at minimum for both main screens and multiscreen applications, and from mobile resolutions up to UHDp60. The Titan distribution solution includes SDI and IP I/O’s, encoder, transcoder, multiplexer, statmux, packager and origin server. It also includes an extensive set of API’s and integrates with other systems.
“We choose Titan File for the transcoding of our 4K content in HEVC for our play-out server and Ateme 4K for the transmission of our live events, based on the products’ degree of maturity and reliability and its ability to evolve to suit future UHD formats,” said Mickael Czmara, CTO at MCS TV. “Using pure software solutions running on COTS HW provides the flexibility we need, and will also lead to additional financial and operational efficiencies across this area of our business.”
Claude Stoffel, director of sales at Ateme said: “Since Titan is a future-proof solution, with a path to 4K-UHD HEVC, HDR and BT.2020 color space, it has been largely approved, adopted and deployed by various tier 1 broadcasters and service providers all around the world.”