FOR-A gets up to speed with two new HFR cameras

Neal Romanek
May 12th 2017 at 3:54PM : By Neal Romanek

The FT-ONE-LS-12G is aimed at sports coverage; the VFC-7000A is an all-in-one compact HFR camera

At last month's NAB show, FOR-A debuted two new high frame rate cameras. The FT-ONE-LS-12G is a new high-speed, full 4K camera, designed for fast-paced sporting events. The camera is optimised for the low light conditions typical of many sports venues.

The FT-ONE-LS-12G (pictured above) supports full 4K shooting at up to 500fps or up to 1,200fps high frame rate shooting in full HD resolution. The camera is equipped with a new noise reducing sensor. The camera can shoot with a 2/3in mounted lens via B4-lens mount adapter, as well as PL lenses.

The camera also offers simultaneous output of live and super slow-motion video, and is equipped with a 12G-SDI port for output, storage partitioning and 24-axis color correction. The camera comes optional with FOR-A’s exclusive flicker corrector technology.

FOR-A also introduced the VFC-7000A (pictured below) variable frame rate camera. Geared toward news production, the RFC-ONE provides automatic real-time detection and correction of flash. With 700fps and internal recording up to 29 seconds, the VFC-7000A aims to be an all-in-one HD variable frame rate camera.