Broadcast Solutions delivery could include Europe's biggest OB van

Broadcast Solutions at IBC2016
Neal Romanek
September 29th 2016 at 2:56PM : By Neal Romanek

The German company will build five OB vehicles for NEP Europe

Broadcast Solutions GmbH will build five new UHD OB vans for NEP Europe, one of which could be Europe’s largest OB vehicle.

Four of the OB Vans will be 8-12 camera vehicles. The fifth will be a triple-expanding trailer capable of handling more than 30 cameras. The smaller models will be based on Broadcast Solutions’ Streamline Family concept of pre-configured, “off-the-shelf” OB Vans. The commodity-style production of the Streamline OB vans has resulted in shorter delivery times and standardised overall designs.

The four smaller production vehicles will be based on either the S8 model, used for HD34K, or the S12 4K model, used for UHD-41, which Broadcast Solutions developed for recenlty for NEP Germany and NEP Switzerland respectively. 

Both trucks have Grass Valley switchers and use the 2SI (two sample interleave) Quad Link format of UHD.

Paul Henriksen, president of NEP Broadcast Services Europe, said “We see 4K is starting to develop in Europe, and now is the time to stop building normal HD OB Vans.”

“After we have just delivered six Streamline OB Vans (two as 4K versions) to NEP Europe within this year, we are very pleased with NEP’s new order," added Stefan Breder, Broadcast Solutions’ CEO. "Even more since one of the five new trucks, which is part of the order, will be one of Europe’s largest OB Vans.”

Work on the trucks will start in the next few weeks. Timing is paramount to this project and Broadcast Solutions hopes to deliver on schecdule – the HD34K took three months from order to delivery.