BIGVU launches teleprompter app for mobile journalists

BigVu mobile reporting app
Neal Romanek
July 22nd 2016 at 9:27AM : By Neal Romanek

New app allows is a combined teleprompter and recorder for mobile journalists

BIGVU has launched a prompter app for mobile phone reporting.

The BIGVU mobile prompter enables mobile journalists to read from BIGVU teleprompter software while recording commentary on a mobile device. The in-app teleprompter scrolls text across the smartphone screen and adjusts to the presenter’s reading speed. 

The app is available for both iOS or Android platforms. .

“Office, home or in the field; this is the fastest news clip creator on the market. All you need is your smartphone.” claimed David Amselem, CEO of BIGVU.

BIGVU is billing itself as not just prompter app but an end-to-end news-authoring collaboration platform. Multiple journalists can simultaneously access the same stories through a shared, cloud-based virtual desk. Scripts can be assigned to a specific reporter and automatically uploaded to that reporter's app. The anchor can record several takes for the same story presentation in the BIGVU teleprompter app then select the best version to be uploaded to the cloud for distribution.

BIGVU also offers the avility to alter a video clip’s background. A background subtraction algorithm transforms existing locations or environments to a custom image.

Price plans include a free version up to enterprise plans for an unlimited number of journalists.