Arri launches Canon EOS C700 pro camera accessories

Arri pro camera accessories for Canon EOS C700
Neal Romanek
December 7th 2016 at 12:31PM : By Neal Romanek

The new accessories include a plate, top plate and viewfinder bracket

Arri has launched a range of pro camera accessories (PCA) for the Canon EOS C700. The new accessory sets have been endorsed by Canon and will feature in the company’s upcoming official camera presentations.

The new accessories include the Arri Plate for Canon C700, a hybrid base plate adapted to documentary-style setups as well as traditional rental configurations. The Arri plate allows balancing of the camera on the shoulder and features a non-slip shoulder pad for effective handheld operating, even with a studio bridge plate attached.

The Arri Top Plate for Canon C700 is a lightweight low-mode support featuring built-in rod support for lens motors and viewfinder mounts. It offers accessory threads at the most convenient, versatile positions, as well as interfaces for most Arri handles. The original Canon accessories, such as the handle and microphone bracket, are also compatible with this top plate.

The Arri Viewfinder Bracket for Canon EVF is a viewfinder adapter which site permanently in place of the original EVF mechanical interface. The bracket offers a quick release system, as well as compatibility with all current viewfinder mounting brackets in the ARRI camera range.

All these Arri pro camera accessories for the Canon C700 are now shipping.