A snappy softbox for DoP's

DoPChoice Snapbag Medium
February 2nd 2017 at 8:50AM

DoPchoice's Snapbag Medium and Rabbit-Ears allow for an easy softbox deployment on most popular LED fixtures

Lighting gear manufacturer DoPchoice has released a new softbox, the Snapbag Medium. Using the company's Rabbit-Ears mounting system the Snapbag Medium can be used with most popular LED soft lights.

DoPchoice's Snapbag self-tightening soft box aims to provide easier handling, quality of output, and quick deployment. Snapbag Medium maximizes light output through the use of reflective material on the soft box’s interior. Output can be directed by adding a DoPchoice Snapgrid ronto the front of the Snapbag Medium.

The Snapbag Medium, equipped with Rabbit-Ears, fits the ARRI Skypanel S30 and S60, BB&S Lighting Area 48 Soft and Studio, Cineo HS and Maverick Trucolor, Creamsource Full and Mini, KinoFlo Celeb 200, Litepanels Astra 1x1 and 1x1 Soft, and TheLight's Velvet 1, Velvet 1 Power, Velvet 2 and Velvet 2 Power.

Included with the Snapbag Medium is a front diffuser, baffle and carry bag. A set of Rabbit-Ears (available separately) is required to mount the Medium. The Snapbag Medium’s deployed dimensions are L 115 cm (45 in) x W 83 cm (33 in) x H 45 cm (18 in), and it weighs just 1.18 kg (2.6 lb). The Rabbit-Ears mounting system adapts to attach to different LED soft light fixtures and tries to shorten the traditional soft box’s routine of inserting multiple rods into a speed ring.